IMU is a central university under the Ministry Of Shipping, was established by Act 22 of 2008, to facilitate and promote Maritime Studies and Research and to achieve excellence in areas of Marine Science and Technology, marine environment and other related fields and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto, to promote advanced knowledge by providing institutional and research facilities, to take measures for promoting innovations in teaching-learning process, etc.


The jurisdiction of the University shall extend to the whole of India.


The headquarters of the University is at Chennai with its Campuses at Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, and Cochin

Objectives of the University

  • To facilitate and promote maritime studies, training, research and extension work with focus on emerging areas of studies like oceanography, maritime history, maritime laws, maritime security, search and rescue, transportation of dangerous cargo, environmental studies and other related fields, and also to achieve excellence in these and connected fields and other matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
  • To promote advanced knowledge by providing institutional and research facilities in such branches of learning as it may deem fit and to make provisions for integrated courses in Science and other key and frontier areas of Technology and allied disciplines in the educational programmes of the University
  • To take appropriate measures for promoting innovations in teaching-learning process, interdisciplinary studies and research; and to pay special attention to the promotion of educational and economic interests and welfare of the people of India
  • To promote freedom, secularism, equality and social justice as enshrined in the Constitution of India and to act as a catalyst in socio-economic transformation by promoting basic attitudes and values of the essence to national development
  • To extend the benefits of knowledge and skills for the development of individuals and society by associating the University closely with local, regional and national issues of development.

Role of the University

IMU is in the category of Professional University intended for fulfilling the requirements of the Maritime Sector. Ability to establish and develop a critical mass of activities in the maritime sector is the primary advantage of the IMU system. All activities need not be in a single location but should be distributed across different locations in the country, which have the comparative advantages to facilitate the best possible education and training in a given area of specialization. The structure and content of the programmes leading to different levels of qualification of the personnel engaged in the maritime sector can be uniquely addressed by the IMU unconstrained by the limitations of the general purpose universities. The up-gradation of courses, revision of syllabi, introduction of new courses, adoption of new methods of technology-enabled learning, including regular classroom instruction, virtual classes, distance learning etc, will be facilitated by the University system. The regulations governing the programmes for various qualifications can be customized to meet the particular needs of the industry and the international organizations. Similarly, the University can develop its own transparent admission policy for its programmes to cater to the profiles of the beneficiaries serving the maritime industry.

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